Our Process | Planning for On-Site Clients

Process Planing

Once a detailed contingent staffing evaluation and needs analysis is complete; NAOS phases the client into a robust planning process for a tailored on-site management program:

“A key component to the launch process is the On-Site Implementation Timeline –
designed specifically for an integrated and measured on-site plan approach.
Both NAOS and the client know in advance exactly what is occurring and when it will occur next.”

Clients are taken through an on-site implementation plan that outlines three important steps for an easy transition and seamless process:

Step one = Pre-Planning

  • a tactical and strategic on-site implementation plan communicated in advance,
  • a step by step review of what needs to happen and who is responsible,
  • daily updates from NAOS’ on-site management to client management teams,
  • a flexible lean workforce development plan.

Step two = Ongoing Analysis

  • critical data mining and reporting,
  • job opportunities
  • workforce needs
  • skills assessment
  • job productivity and capacity
  • relative local workforce environments

Step three = Assessment

  • weekly status updates
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR’s) for attrition trends, contingent workforce utilization, client costs
  • overall client cost reduction analysis

Our proven On-Site Implementation Timeline methodology demonstrates how we collaboratively and effectively manage your contingent staffing needs while taking a bulk of the transition workload off of your management team!

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